New Design for GrapesJS editor by our team

Our developers made a design and integrated it into the system. In other words, we have developed a beautiful and convenient UX / UI design and all this is connected to this editor.

Also, of course, we always first of all think about whether it will be convenient for the user to use certain buttons and other design components. Because of what, we approach the implementation of any project with all care and creativity. Below you can look at an example of a new design made by our developers wholeheartedly, that we are pleased to present you.

New design for GrapesJS

Link for GIT: 

What is the GrapesJS editor? What functions does it perform?

GrapesJS introduces the free, open-source Web Builder platform that helps all of its users create HTML templates faster and easier to deliver to sites, newsletters, or mobile applications. Also, basically, GrapesJS was designed for use inside the CMS to speed up your creation of dynamic templates. And in order for you to better understand this concept, please look at the image submitted for your consideration below.

Scheme how use GrapesJS

What does our team at GrapesJS do?

Our team is developing at GrapesJS. And also we will not have any problems the task of creating sites such as:

In addition, we have the experience in the IT field for about 9 years. Also our team can not only make UX / UI, Frontend, Backend for your website, but also configure any of your servers to work perfectly. And in addition to the all above, we also specialize in developer sites, marketplaces, ad sites, Saas, CRM and the like.

How can you contact with us?

You can contact with us by email: or Contact

We will be happy to work with each of you!

With best regards, DevFuture Team

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